*Free WebDesign Package not inclusive of maintenance $2400 for 2 years

WordPress and Wix platforms  and maintenance Only.

*We use free customised Webhosting design template. If you chose a design template that is not free, the costs is beared by you. If you want a special customised design not found anywhere, our team can help you but it is not free.

*WebHosting Plans Email and Domain SSL not included.

*Security Add ons like against DDOS attacks VPN not included.

*Web Design for a website including all logos and graphic design, setup and configure including 5 emails.

*We use Wix.com and Godaddy.com as our hosting providers.

*Any updates and maintenance of the website is done by our team with totally no additional charges unless there are new requirements and updates which is not included.

*Maintenance charges of $100 per month with 2 years payment upfront with support 24/7 365 days a year to resolve any problems. Payment of 50% deposit before we start any job and we collect the balance upon completion.

*Additional services like the setup of Funnels, Bots or Digital marketing is not included. Interested call 87796948.

Free Webdesign not inclusive maintenance for 2 years S$2400

Free Webdesign not inclusive maintenance for 2 years S$2400



Estimated Service Charges

Estimated Service Charges For Hardware/Software


*Format and reinstall OS(recovery) – $50

*Format and reinstall OS(from scratch) – $100

Patch Security holes – $50

Install Application Software – $25

Backup Files and Folders – From $25-$50

Recover Data – From $50-$100

Clone Harddisk – $100


Setup Filesharing – $50

Setup Port-Forwarding for running services $100

Setup and configure standard routers – $50-$100

Setup and configure standard repeaters – $50-$100

Setup and configure cisco routers – From $100/hr onwards

Setup and configure Firewall – $50-$100


Setup, install and configure OS – From $100/hr onwards

Setup, install and configure Applications – From $100/hr onwards

Backup Files and Folders – From $100/hr onwards

Recover Data – From $100/hr onwards


DB2/SQL Server/My SQL – From $100/hr onwards

*When we install the OS, we patch the OS from bugs and also install free softwares like antivirus, open office, video player drivers and make sure all programs work seamlessly, it is a very labourous job patching softwares which takes an estimated 2 hours of our time, no other vendors comes close.

Onsite Transport Charges/4 hours Express Service at 50% loading

Transport Charges
Transport charge from 9am-9pm weekdays: S$50
Transport charge from 9am-9pm Saturday/Sunday: S$50
Transport after 9pm on weekdays & Saturday/Sunday: S$75
Transport for Public Holidays: S$75
Express Service for PCs/Servers
Transport Charges (From 9am to 9pm –
Monday to Saturday):
Transport Charges (From 9pm onwards –
Everyday including Public Holidays):
– Express Service Charges with 50% loading
– 4 Hours response time onsite.
– 4 Hours turnaround for repair/problem resolution.We are open 365 days a year even on holidays but except the Chinese New Year holidays(2 days). Please call to book an onsite appointment.

Advance Payment Policy effective 01.01.2011

Advance Payment Policy for all purchases effective 01.01.2011

*We do not offer credit terms for all purchases.

Due to withdrawal of credit terms by our global suppliers, we have no choice but to implement our Advance Payment Policy for all purchases. Payment can be made by visa/mastercard via paypal via our eccomerce website http://www.lazada.sg/shop/gilberttants-sg or via bank transfer with the following details;

Bank Transfer via DBS

DBS Current Bank Account : 025-9-046646

Drop us a mail at admin@gilberttants.sg or call (65)87796948 after making payment.

We regret to inform you that for changing of parts for repairs of PC/Servers, advance payment is also required.

Lowest Price Guarantee/Warranty

1)      A 90 days limited warranty for services provided. If any customers have a recurring problem of the same nature, we will not charge for services rendered.

2)      The lowest price guaranteed or we will refund you the difference, subject to proof of receipt.

3)      Manufacturers limited warranty for a period of 1 year. All our products have been tested for hardware and software compatibility issues and are the most cost effective, value for money. Customers can request for an extension of warranty up to 3 years subject to a payment of additional premium.

Thank you.


The Management

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

a) We believe that desktop os software should be like the days of Windows 95/98 where everything, your sound, mp3, videos, codecs, comes preinstalled and works fine, like the Ubuntu OS. Nowadays, because of the antitrust laws Microsoft is forced to cannabalised their OS without installing the relevant software for media player, video, codecs etc. Our aim is to bring the Windows 10 OS back to its original functionality by installing all relevant free software to give the user a seamless experience, which no other vendors provide. 

b) We are in this business to provide for the community, and money is not our ultimate aim, that is the reason we are able to provide a near cost to cost package for our Upgrades, which has been tested for compatibility issues, so we can provide you with a trouble free experience, we make money from research and study and providing technological solutions not found in the markets, and our products are using all the latest technologies for our research purposes.

c) We believe in solving problems once and for all, and if a PC is not worth servicing, we will advise our customers accordingly. Our time is worth more than S$100/hr, we will rather walk away from a deal, than spent countless hours servicing a PC that has hardware issues, and make a customer pay everytime per visit.  

d) We value all our warranties, we are in this business for the long term, as we have prior arrangement with our suppliers, if we could not be reached you could sent your faulty PC with your receipt to our supplier direct.

e) We only charge S$50 transport to cover our costs, totally “zero cost” if we are not able to solve your problems, as we are in this business to provide solutions, we will go onsite to troubleshoot your problems, and quote you to resolve the problem, if you are not agreeable, there will not be a charge unless a service has been rendered ie we determined your equipment is faulty. There is no obligation to buy from us if you are not agreeable upon the price.

f) Typically, an upgrade of your PC system will take 2/3 days to deliver, those who require urgent services will have to pay a 50% loading, we will turnaround within 4 hours, or we will waived our 50% loading.

g) We reserve the rights to replace parts that are faulty with its equivalent, as sometimes the parts in question may be out of stock from the market.

h) For security, permission issues with Windows 7/8/10, Windows Vista and Windows XP, our standard procedure is to restore to factory default settings, and we use third party solutions to resolve windows registry problems and outdated drivers issues which may cause your pc system to not perform at its best. We will however try to resolve these issues with reference to windows servers.

i) Our protocol to resolve PC issues is to solve software issues first if there is a 50/50 chance it could be a software/hardware issue as we cover 90 days warranty if the same issue happens again, we will waive all our charges as 100% of the time, if it is a hardware issue, it will reoccur within 7 days from our experience. If that is the case, the customer is responsible for their own hardware if it is not purchased from us. If we do not do that, our feedback from customers is that they will complain on the high costs of hardware replacements.

God gave me the ability to look into the future, to study and research any info that is online, into any technology, to hack, dis-assemble and re-assemble to study it’s technologies, and create a future that most likely the technology will succeed, without wasting resources, what it take others to do years of research to achieve, I can do it in hours. I am not interested to take over any technologies and patent it, but stop patent holders from putting roadblocks to human progress. Since I started on this journey until I completed all my works in 2012 and released it freely until today, I have not received a single cent in donations to fund my works, but eventually when I start my own Non Profit, I cannot afford to do any free service.

I am capable of finding any answers in the world you want as long as there are reports available online for me to do my own research to bring you closest to all the unsolved mysteries in this world, because I can find all the paths to the Truth, and what the Future holds. All I need is to observe, test and probe to research on anything I want, what you need to do will take months to achieve, all I need is a few hours. I am now on a quest to build this Super Artificial Intelligence which can solve any problems in this world which I am the blueprint.

I am going to setup my Non Profit to solve all problems in this world, I believe everyone should have free access to a decent meal, and free access to info and technologies with a smartphone or a laptop and hope God’s people will help me with fundraising to achieve this aim.

*We only accept CASH, bank transfer or paypal, no terms or credit.


The Management.