Email migration between different platforms

Email migration between different platforms

We support email migration between these platforms (for workstation and servers);

Outlook Express 6 (Windows XP)

Windows Mail (Vista)

Windows Live Mail (Windows 10)

Microsoft Outlook/Office Outlook

Eudora Mail

Lotus Mail

Thunderbird (Linux)

Evolution (Linux)

For backup and restore of emails within the same program is not expensive, we charge $50 for less than 4GB of data, and $100 for above 4GB of data, but for migration to another platform, as we use third party solutions which converts the email codings to the appropriate programs and does not have data corruption, it is charged per email account and above our published rates. If you need a email program for Windows 10, our standard procedure is to provide you Windows Live Mail which is free. Please let us know before you place your order with us. For any queries, please call 84856463.