Maintenance Contracts for 2 years starting from $2400 up to 10 PCs including network, security, for routers and firewalls

RE: Maintenance Contracts ($2400 for 2 years)

We provide maintenance contracts for SMEs to budget their yearly IT costs and control the increases of IT expenses by providing a TOTAL SOLUTION for both hardware and software, *webhosting services(additional).

Our services cover a 4 hour response time (additonal 50% loading) and a next day solution for your problems with totally ZERO costs during the contract period unless there is parts replacement or new requirements, if you have printing issues we can help but are not obligated as the vendor whom you bought the printer from should assist you first.

Hardware and Software

Only setup and configuration of everything in your network including security issue. *Servers and special configurations for DMZ, port forwarding, , VPN or special protocol access is not included. We can also help in your suite of applications like Accounting,HR, CRM, or payment if it falls under our supported vendor’s lists. Blockchain support is not included and additional.

Software Only

* For Routers, Hubs, Switches, Network printers, and normal printers, we support the setup and configurations but our contract do not cover the replacement of these products.

* Our contracts does not covers all hardware replacement parts including upgrades with software licensing. (Depending on package)

* Includes FREE training for an Administrator with FREE phone/email support and FREE remote management.

* We are not obligated to accept any considerations and this not an agreement or a verbal contract to do so, subject to our management approval. This is because we study the product lifecycle and the availibility of the replacement of parts if we are not able to replace the parts, we will replace with a similar specs new product, so we only do so after consideration of the risks involved for a win-win situation for both us and our customers.

1-10 PCs including network and security including the configuration of routers and firewalls. S$2400 for 2 years contract.

If there are any queries, you can call 87796948. Thank you.


The Management.

Maintenance contracts for network, security and up to 10 PCs for 2 years

Maintenance contracts for network, security and up to 10 PCs for 2 years


Network printers from other vendors

RE: Network printers from other vendors

Please note that we support the setup and configuration of network printers from other vendors but limited to the existing drivers provided by the respective companies. Windows 10 does not provide support for these network printers and if there are no drivers provided, our customers will have to go back to their respective vendors for support as we are not in the business of providing drivers. Please understand our limitations as these products are not purchased from us and we are not obligated to support these products. Thank you.


The Management.