Customer Advisory : Your Data

Customers who use our services please note the following ;

1) We are NOT responsible for your data. The use of our services means you agree to be responsible for your own data and do whatever that is necessary to create a duplicate backup on another harddisk or thumbdrive or recording media. Even we have the technologies to recover from an erased media or a damaged harddisk, or a damaged mobile phone, the time and the costs involved for recovery is not free and not cheap, we will use our judgement to decide if it is worth the while, without informing the customer.

2) The use of our services and the data collected cannot be used as evidence in a court of law. If you require the use of this service, please advise beforehand and we shall quote accordingly.

3) We will use every methods to protect the integrity of your data but it is the customer’s own responsibility to protect their data. Our responsiblity is the wavier of all charges if we are not able to recover the mentioned data and nothing else, please refer to (1).

4) Please refer to our notice on the type of data supported on the advisory of data recovery, including email migration and the porting of data between platforms.

5) We do not keep customer’s data. We respect the privacy of our customers and we do not use customer’s data for any purposes. It is our standard practice to erase all data within 3 days after the completion of a job, please advise accordingly if you need a backup of your data.

6) For legacy programs, it might not be worthwhile to recover the use of the program anymore with the onset of the cloud, which is a more advanced with pay-as-you-use, we will help customers to recover their database instead and direct them to the respective vendors for porting of their data unto the cloud.

Thank you.


The Management