Solutions for SMEs/Non-Profit to work from anywhere

Solutions for SMEs/Non-Profit to work from anywhere

Do not worry about legacy applications on redundent servers anymore. With the onset of the Cloud we have solutions to help SMEs port their apps to cut costs and move File and Print services behind their broadband/fibre connections, Hosting and Accounting/HR applications behind the cloud, in order for their staffs to collaborate anywhere in the world using Skype via group video conferencing with just an internet connection. Our target group of SMEs/Non-profit are below 50 users based per location, typically without the need of an inhouse Server as we will help them migrate their file and print services, as we believe in providing a Total solution with the onset of the cloud,  this will give the roadmap of Technologies and the direction we are headed, as there are quality issues with support which we need to evaluate, we only work with those who has the same vision as us with common goals, especially Non-profit organisations as we have all the technologies to grow our wealth and ultimately do our own fund raising, including projects to build a Smart Home/office with Green Technologies. Call us at 87796948 for a no obligation discussion as we provide a Total solution including Maintenance contracts which are tailored towards the mobile worker like real estate agents, insurance agents, traders etc.

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