Refund for price difference guarantee (Please note our products are totally different from what is available in the markets)

Refund for price difference guarantee (Please note our products are totally different from what is available in the markets)

We deal with multiple suppliers both locally and overseas and our agreement with suppliers includes support and time-based replacement warranties, we are unable to 100%  ensure we are able to get the lowest price possible as we do not control our suppliers, we however have mechanism in place that ensures that if you find the same product elsewhere and the difference in price is great, we will honor to refund you the difference in price.

Please compare apples to apples, some are able to get rock bottom price because they buy in huge quantity and do not provide support or warranties, but we provide both, so you cannot compare an apple to an orange, especially some suppliers are clearing stocks.

Please also note that time is of the essence to file a claim, if less than 7 days has passed and you complained about a price difference, we will definitely honor our agreement. But if you complain about it more than 1 month later, please be informed that we might reject your claims, as by then it might be an entire new ball game with a new price difference due to market demand and supply.

Please also note that we spent time and money for testing a product’s claims and it’s fit for use to ensure usability and conformation to specs due to our technology’s expertise to recommend to our customers, if the product is not suitable, we run the risk of a 100% loss to exchange for customers for free, so how do you compare an apple to an orange?

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Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations

Do not expect us to solve problems from products you have purchased from other vendors that have encountered problems where the other party do not want to solve, our time is very valuable and if you are willing to pay peanuts, do expect monkeys as we are in the business of high technologies and we need to justify our dues, we do not charge for problems we are not able to solve but we need to protect our paying customers first.

I am sure there are other vendors who are interested in your business but our time and technologies are in putting our paying customers interest first, we are not a school to train others in IT, and if a job is not worth paying for, we will rightfully advise our customers, we do not believe in wasting our time and resources to drag a job just to get more money from a customer, money is last on our concerns, and likewise do not expect our customers to waste our time on irrelevant jobs.

We do not expect every job to be profit centered but at the end of the year, as long as we are not in the red, we will continue as we balance our work with social responsibilities. We are in this business to provide a good service back to society, and our ideals to keep IT affordable to the poor is our motto.

Our ideals is that the PC is a total system where hardware must work with software seamlessly without any issue, and if a job do not meet our expected standards at the lowest cost, we rather walk away from it. We have all the technologies to solve all your IT problems, but if you do not take care of our interests, neither will we take care of your interests, we do not provide cheap solutions, but solutions that is the most value-added, if you seriously want to work with us, first consider our maintenance contracts, and we will lower all your IT costs, and meet up to your expectations. The difference in Windows XP and Windows 10 is that file/print services is turned off for Windows 10 and firewall is default turned on, it will really complicate matters if one is not familar with Windows 10 OS and networking, but there is no reason not to upgrade to Windows 10 now, everything that works seamlessly with Windows XP will work with Windows 10.

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Managed Azure, Google, AWS Cloud Computing Services

We are resellers for and we provide the following Cloud Services ;

Cloud IT/Cloud Storage/Cloud File Server/Cloud Backup/Cloud Computing/Online Storage/WebDAV Drive Mapping/Remote Data Access/Secure File Storage/Drop Box Folder/FTP Service/Setup FTP Server/FTP Server Hosting/FTP Backup/FTP Security/CameraOnline Backup/Offsite Data Backup/Online Email Backup/Remote Backup/Business Backup/Business Email Hosting/SMTP/ POP & IMAP/Advanced Email Features/Outlook & Mobile Email/Email Backup/Advanced Features/Group Folder Sharing/Folder Synchronization/Mobile Applications

Call us for a no-obligation quote on the above services at 87796948. Please quote our referral ID=22543146. You can setup a FREE trial 1GB account for Non Profit Organisation for testing purposes but NOT the registration of your own domain name WHICH IS NOT INCLUDED.