Managed Azure, Google, AWS Cloud Computing Services

We are resellers for and we provide the following Cloud Services ;

Cloud IT/Cloud Storage/Cloud File Server/Cloud Backup/Cloud Computing/Online Storage/WebDAV Drive Mapping/Remote Data Access/Secure File Storage/Drop Box Folder/FTP Service/Setup FTP Server/FTP Server Hosting/FTP Backup/FTP Security/CameraOnline Backup/Offsite Data Backup/Online Email Backup/Remote Backup/Business Backup/Business Email Hosting/SMTP/ POP & IMAP/Advanced Email Features/Outlook & Mobile Email/Email Backup/Advanced Features/Group Folder Sharing/Folder Synchronization/Mobile Applications

Call us for a no-obligation quote on the above services at 87796948. Please quote our referral ID=22543146. You can setup a FREE trial 1GB account for Non Profit Organisation for testing purposes but NOT the registration of your own domain name WHICH IS NOT INCLUDED.