Most PCs will have software problems, you need to upgrade to Windows 10

We will be taking appointments as we are able to resolve all conditions ;

1) For Windows XP, you need an updated antivirus and checkpoint firewall software, or else you will face many software issues.

2) Natural progression. You can only upgrade Win XP to Win 10 and Ubuntu Desktop, it is almost impossible when you try anything else eg other versions of Linux, if you really want to install, you need to do a low-level format and wipe away all data before you can. 

3) All other Linux versions has many bugs that are not resolved, the closest is Ubuntu Desktop, but it still has application bugs.

An upgrade to Windows 10 will resolve all issues and there is no other walkaround, it affects Windows XP/Vista 5 out of 10 computers and 2 out of 10 for Windows 10 and it only costs S$37, please look at our previous article. We are not selling the Windows 10 OS (OEM version) as there are also software problems especially with applications, only a branded Windows 10 PC has no problems. The choice you have;

a) Upgrade to Windows 10 for your existing PC

b) Buy a new Windows 10 Branded PC

c) Buy a new Andriod PC

d) Buy a new Windows 10 Home OEM PC

e) Buy a new Apple-Mac(Linux)

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