Quality IT Support Service Assurance

We believe in long term business relationship, that is the reason we guarantee our Quality IT Support Service Assurance, we give FREE IT Support advice via email and WhatsApp to (65)87796948. If you encounter any IT problems and you need help, sent a message to admin@gilberttants.sg we will respond within 24 hours. When we go onsite to assess any IT related problems, we only charge $50 for transport and give you an estimated costs involved. It is up to the customer to decide if he wants to carry on with the works, without any obligations. We have a six months promotion, where we waived all costs of $50 transportation by our courier EasyParcel, to collect your PCs/Notebook for repairs, and give you a quote/estimation of repair costs before we carry on with any works. If you do not agree to the charges, we will return your PCs/Notebook without any charge involved. If you agree to carry out the works, we collect advance payment via paypal on the “donate” button of our website.

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