Formatting your Flashdrives, MicroSD/SD cards and SSD Drives with NTFS or eFATs

Formatting your Flashdrives, MicroSD/SD and SSD Drives with NTFS or eFATs. Some branded Laptops and Notebooks has CMOS restrictions also.

Please note that due to Microsoft proprietary technology, Windows OS can only support NTFS formats and on branded hardware like ScanDisk, Kingston etc. Other OS cannot use NTFS but eFATS like Android OS or Apple OS and so it is not that the hardware we supply is faulty but due to technology restrictions. The same goes for Android 7.0 and above.

SCANDISK, Kingston – Supports NTFS formats and Operating Systems like Windows and is Certified., 

Non Branded – Only Supports eFATs formats and pure Data. Transfer of Data is not 100% as data corruption sometimes occur.

SSD/Harddisks – Branded computers use proprietary formats which we do not support and there will be extra charges incurred. Our standard procedure is to use the backup OS to do a recovery.

From : The Management