Free Analysis of your PC via Remote Access. S$80 to solve all software issues including security

For Windows PC, we can provide Free Analysis of your PC via Remote Access.

Go to Https:// and download and install the remote control software. Whatsapp us at (65)87796948 and let us know the password to access and remote control your PC. Let us check for problems in your PC. We can therefore fix any problems found remotely from our analysis. This service is totally FREE. If you want to fix the problems found on your PC, the service is chargeable at S$80 to $100 depending on the problem to resolve it. Advance Payment is via credit/debit card or via bank transfer is required.

We can solve many software problems this way like if your PC is slow and applications start crashing, or if your PC got a lot of unnecessary temporary files, or if your PC is infected with virus or malware, even tweaking your pc for higher security. 

Our standard procedure is to do a speed test before starting work and another speed test when all the enhancements are done. If there is no improvements we will refund all the monies paid to us. We respect all your privacy and we are not interested in any of your data. We are an all rounder in every areas of IT and we are capable to make tons of money without resulting in anything illegal. Everything we do using Teamviewer is done in front of you and we have totally no access after the session.

This service is provided as is without any warranty worldwide for our customers. We can provide this service only when we are available and free at our own convenience.


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Resolving all your software issues including security by Remote

Resolving all your network issues including security by Remote