Digital, Video Marketing and Live/Multicast Broadcasting setup and maintenance services at S$2400 for 2 years(capable of directing a microwave van)

We give you solutons based on your budget and the highest ROI for your ad dollars. We will manage all the setup and maintenance of all your campaigns but does not include the materials of the ad itself and the ad costs on the platform like an advertising agency. We have Studio facilities you can use or we teach you how to buy assessories for live broadcasting. We are experts in the media from multimedia, animation, photography to videography with my expertise in advertising and we see the future is all about this area in interactive display ads on live panels that will be spread across places where there is mass concentration of people like MRT Stations, Bus Interchanges and Airports. Check out my profile and all those people I had worked with me in the past and delivered results. The costs of advertising will never come down due to the intense bidding process where demand will be higher than supply.

I believe these platforms will be platforms of the future because it can deliver eyeballs which will convert to sales and the best way to monetised all your advertising dollars. Google Ads, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube will deliver the most bang compared to TV Ads and I will definitely dominate this area in future. Go to where your audience is and programming them to buy is not just the skills of an algorithm or Artificial Intelligence. I cannot compete with large corporations with billions of advertising dollars so I will serve my core groups who need my services as I know their pain points very well. Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Traders, Non Profit and Charities. I can easily help fund all these for their causes and nobody can compete with me as I will develop everything and my teams soon. Brand building is not an overnight job and you cannot find success immediately. So my strategy is a multi-platform approach to consistently expose your brand. If you believe in me I will deliver consistant results as I believe data science and analytics will be the tools of the future. Call me at 87796948 for a confidential discussion.

We will strategise and manage all you eyeball campaigns

We will strategise and manage all you eyeball campaigns


Network issues? We resolve all network connectivity issues for $100 + $50 transport

Whatsapp us at (65)87796948. Let us check for problems in your network, routers, firewall. We can therefore fix any problems found on your network from our analysis. If you want to fix the problems found on your network, the service is chargeable at S$100 + Transport S$50 and it does not include an upgrade to a WiFi 6 router or range extenders including PCs which is S$80 per PC, Server and DNS issues. Advance Payment is via credit/debit card or via bank transfer is required.

Any issues faced we can resolve by reconfig of your routers and firewalls.

Our standard procedure is to do a speed test before starting work and another speed test when all the enhancements are done. If there is no improvements we will refund all the monies paid to us. We respect all your privacy and we are not interested in any of your data. We are an all rounder in every areas of IT and we are capable to make tons of money without resulting in anything illegal. Everything we do using Teamviewer is done in front of you and we have totally no access after the session.

This service is provided as is without any warranty worldwide for our customers. We can provide this service only when we are available and free at our own convenience.


The Management.

We resolve all network connectivity ssues inclding security

We resolve all network connectivity ssues inclding security