Free repair service for all Elim Church members, students and old folks and low income workers(including maids etc), 50% for all other churches and Non Profit/Charities (*Not valid for contracts)

With effect from today, we are pleased to announce that we are providing all free repair service (Softwares) for all PCs and smartphones for Elim Church members, free for all students (Must show student pass) and old folks above 55 (proof of age), low income workers (maids etc) 50% for all other church members and Non Profit and Charity organisations in Singapore, if you have special needs we can sit down to discuss, we even can help you to match with donors, it is not everything about money, our aim is to help all Non Profit and Charities with their IT needs, even in areas of Security, Digital Marketing as we are the best in providing free training, but no in-house certifications, and it will be done soon when our Non Profit is incorporated soon.

*Please note this offer is not valid for onsite service, you need to come to our address listed. (Blk 33 #04-767 Bendemeer Road. Singapore 330033. Beside Boon Keng MRT (At North-East Line Purple Line) Please call us at Mobile 87796948 to make an appointment.

*All our supported Charities in Singapore will also be entitled for this free repair service, but we do not do hardware repairs, it will be better if you can go back to your manufacturers if you still have valid warranties if you face hardware issues as we do not carry any parts or components. 

Willing Hearts

Ren Ci Hospital

Kwong Wai Shui Hospital

Ronald Macdonald’s Charities

Salvation Army Singapore

HWWA Singapore

AWWA Singapore

As you can see we are targeting mostly Old Folk’s Homes but if you are 55 and above and need our help with IT services and you are poor, we can consider providing free service even in the smart monitoring of old age persons staying at home.

*If you face security or password related issues, we are not in the business of hacking, we require you to provide all the necessary details to perform repairs, or our standard procedures will be to reset to your factory default.

From the Management.