Email migration between different platforms

Email migration between different platforms

We support email migration between these platforms (for workstation and servers);

Outlook Express 6 (Windows XP)

Windows Mail (Vista)

Windows Live Mail (Windows 10)

Microsoft Outlook/Office Outlook

Eudora Mail

Lotus Mail

Thunderbird (Linux)

Evolution (Linux)

For backup and restore of emails within the same program is not expensive, we charge $50 for less than 4GB of data, and $100 for above 4GB of data, but for migration to another platform, as we use third party solutions which converts the email codings to the appropriate programs and does not have data corruption, it is charged per email account and above our published rates. If you need a email program for Windows 10, our standard procedure is to provide you Windows Live Mail which is free. Please let us know before you place your order with us. For any queries, please call 84856463.

Proposal for One-Stop-Startup for IT Product/Services to help Charity/Non profit Organisations

Proposal for One-Stop-Startup for IT Product/Services to help Charity/Non profit Organisations in Singapore (*Evaluation til mid August 2011)


*Using the New Initiative Grant (NIG). Administered by;

National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-88 The Central
Singapore 059817
Tel: (65) 6550 9595
Fax: (65) 6221 0625

The New Initiative Grant (NIG) is seed money for startups or existing organisations  with new initiatives that meet community needs in Singapore and are strong in volunteerism and/or philanthropy.

We are in the process of evaluating all the laws and regulations to setup a Global Non-profit organisation for IT Products/services to service Charity/Non profit Organisations and help the poor. The startup will be funded by donations/investments in trading futures/derivatives and run by volunteers.

Possible +schemes on the pipeline;

+Use of existing government schemes for VCF Info-Communications Technology (ICT) Grant, beyond what is sipulated ie we will match dollar for dollar, for ICT Core and Non Core services.

+A PC with Internet for every home ie for the poor who cannot afford one.

+Recycling used computers for Home Industries thru the Salvation Army.

*The idea behind it is to first help Charity/Non Profit Organisations with all their IT needs at the lowest costs possible using open source softwares and contributions from other hardware and solution vendors so that they can concentrate on providing core services and funds to help the poor and the needy, then directly providing the poor with access to IT. We need consultants, volunteers who are trained in IT, and other organisations who are able to help us with our objectives. Areas of concentration includes IT for Education, IT for Healthcare, IT for Logistics, IT for your Homes/Offices.

What we believe in ; “Access to a roof over their heads, a decent meal, proper healthcare, and IT for the poor. We will help Charities/NPOs achieve our same vision.”

For any queries, you can CALL 84856463.

The Green Initiative – Proper disposal of your used computers

If you have a computer or computer equipment that you believe is beyond repair or is too old to be useful we recommend one of the below services, which can dismantle the equipment properly to obtain all usable parts and materials. If you have a usable good computer you may want to consider donating the computer instead of dismantling or recycling it.

The Salvation Army

Upper Serangoon Family Store (Beside Woodleigh MRT – NE Line)
Address: 309 Upper Serangoon Road Singapore 347693
Telephone: 6288 5438 Fax: 6288 4506
Operating hours: 10.00am – 6.00pm, Mon – Sat

For donation of bulky items, please contact our donor coordinator at:

Telephone: 6288 5438, Fax: 6288 4506, E-mail:

Data Recovery Service Levels;

Data Recovery Service Levels;

1)Recover files even if emptied from the Recycle Bin
2)File recovery after accidental format, even if you have reinstalled Windows.
3)Disk recovery after a hard disk crash
4)Get back files after a partitioning error
5)Get data back from RAW hard drives
6)Recover documents, photos, video music and email.
7)Recover from hard drive, camera card, USB, Zip, floppy disk or other media.

Specifically Supported File Types

The following files types are specifically supported;

Recover deleted graphics
3d Studio Max ( .max)
Adobe Indesign file ( .indd)
Adobe Photoshop ( .psd)
AutoCAD Drawing file ( .dwg)
AutoCad DX File ( .dxf)
Bentley Microstation v7 Drawing ( .dgn)
Bentley MicroStation v8 Drawing ( .dgn)
Bitmap ( .bmp)
Canon Raw graphics file ( .crw)
COREL Draw file ( .cdr)
DesignCAD file ( .dcd)
Encapsulated Postscript file ( .eps)
Enhanced Metafile ( .emf)
FormZ Document ( .fmz .fzb)
Freehand 10 ( .fh10 .fh11)
Freehand 7 to 9 ( .fh7 .fh8 .fh9)
Fuji Camera Raw ( .raf)
GIF graphics file ( .gif)
GIS ShapeFiles ( .shp)
GUE Map file ( .gue .gmp)
JPEG 2000 ( .jp2)
JPEG Digital Camera file [EXIF format] ( .jpg .jpeg)
JPEG Standard Graphics file [JFIF format] ( .jpg .jpeg)
Lightwave object ( .lwo)
Lightwave scene ( .lws)
MapSource 1 file ( .gdb)
Maya 3D file ( .mb)
Microsoft Photodraw ( .mix)
Paintbrush file ( .pcx .scr)
PaintShop Pro ( .psp)
PaperPort ( .max)
PNG Graphics file ( .png)
Portable Graphics Map ( .ppm .pgm .pbm)
QuarkXPress file ( .qxp .qxd .qxb .qxl .qpt)
QuickCAD ( .cad)
ShockWave Flash ( .swf)
SmartDraw file ( .sdr .sdt)
SwishMax ( .swi)
Thumbnail ( .db)
TIFF Graphics file ( .tif .tiff .epx .nef)
TurboCAD for Windows ( .tcw)
Windows Metafile ( .wmf)
XARA Graphic file ( .xar)
Recover deleted documents
Adobe PageMaker ( .pmd .p65)
Adobe Premier Project ( .ppj)
Avery DesignPro ( .zdp)
Casio Disk Title ( .ctw)
CoolPage ( .cpg)
Corel Presentation File ( .shw)
Crystal Reports ( .rpt)
Diablo2 Save ( .d2s)
Etax file ( .efx)
Family TreeMaker ( .ftw)
FamilySearch file ( .paf)
Final Draft ( .fdr .fdt)
Final Fantasy 7 ( .ff7)
Font file ( .fon)
Fudemane ( .fwa)
Fudeou ( .fzd)
Help ( .hlp)
HotDocs ( .hfd)
HTML Documents ( .htm .html .shtml .phtml .php)
Ichitaro Document ( .jtd)
InteractWeb Reports ( .rpt)
Label Mighty ( .jlb)
Lotus 123 ( .wk1 .wk2 .wk3 .wk4 .wks .fm3 .wb1 .123)
Lotus WordPro file ( .lwp)
Mapsource 2 file ( .mps)
Microsoft Excel Worksheet ( .xls .xla .xlt)
Microsoft OneNote file ( .one)
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation ( .ppt)
Microsoft Project ( .mpp)
Microsoft Publisher Document ( .pub .puz)
Microsoft Visio Drawing ( .vsd .vss .vst)
Microsoft Word Document ( .doc .dot .asd)
Microsoft Write/WordPad ( .wri)
MS Works 4 Database ( .wdb)
MS Works 4 Document ( .wps)
MS Works Spreadsheet ( .wks)
PDF document ( .pdf .ai)
PrintMaster ( .hcr .biz)
QuattroPro 7 File ( .qpw)
Rich Text Document ( .rtf)
SureThing CD Labeler ( .dsn .std)
Text (Shift JIS) Documents
Text (UTF-16) Documents
Text Documents ( .txt)
TrueType Font file ( .ttf)
Unknown OLE ( .$$$)
VI data ( .vi)
Windows Link ( .lnk)
WordPerfect 6 to 10 ( .wpd .wcm .wpt)
WordPerfect Documents and Graphics v8 ( .wpg)
XML Documents ( .xml .xsl .svg .xms)
Recover deleted archives
Cabinet compression file ( .cab)
GZIP compression file ( .gz .gzip)
LZH compression file ( .lzh)
Miliki Super Compression ( .qcf)
MS Backup File ( .bkf)
RAR compression file ( .rar)
Restrospect File ( .rfb .rdb)
TAR archive file ( .tar)
Zip compression file ( .zip .jar .afz)
ASF,WMA,WMV Multimedia file ( .asf .wma .wmv .asx)
Audio Interchange file ( .aif .aiff)
AVI Multimedia file ( .avi)
CakeWalk Pro ( .cwp)
Digital Speech File ( .dss)
Digital Voice File ( .dvf)
Finale Music file ( .mus .fan)
Flash ( .fla)
Fruity Loops file ( .flp)
iTunes audio file ( .m4a .m4b)
Jet Voice File ( .sc4)
Kaydara FBX Binary ( .fbx)
Logic Audio ( .lso)
MOV Multimedia file (Quicktime) ( .mov .mp4)
MP3 Music file ( .mp .mp1 .mp2 .mp3)
MPEG Multimedia file ( .mpg .mpeg .m1v .vro)
Musical Instrument Digital Interface file ( .mid .midi)
Ogg Vorbis/Media ( .ogg .ogm)
RealAudio file ( .ra .ram .rm)
RIFF Multimedia file ( .rif .riff .avi .cdr .npr)
Sibelius Music file ( .sib .lib)
WAVE Multimedia file ( .wav)
Recover deleted email files
Recover deleted email ( .eml .mbx .bkl .bks .bmf)
Internet Favorites ( .url)
Lotus Notes ( .nsf)
Outlook Address file ( .wab)
Outlook Email file ( .pst .pab)
Outlook Express Email file ( .dbx)
Outlook MSG ( .msg)
Recover deleted databases and financial files
Access Database ( .mdb)
Access Project ( .adp)
Ancenstry Family Tree ( .aft)
CanTax T1 Personal ( .p96 .p97 .p98 .p99 .p00 .p01 .p02 .p03 .p04 .p05 .p06 .p07)
CanTax T2 Corporate ( .c96 .c97 .c98 .c99 .c00 .c01 .c02 .c03 .c04 .c05 .c06 .c07)
DBase-FoxPro Database file ( .dbf .scx .dbc)
EndNote ( .enl)
FLG File ( .flg)
FoxPro Executable ( .fxp)
Interbase Backup ( .gbk)
Interbase Database ( .gdb)
Lacerte Tax ( .mdx)
Lacerte Tax Individual ( .id0 .id9 .sd0 .sd9 .pd0 .pd9 .fd0 .fd9)
Microsoft Money ( .mny)
MS-SQL Server Database ( .mdf)
MS-SQL Server Log ( .ldf)
MYOB Data ( .dat .prm .pls)
Omnis Database file ( .df1 .lbr .ohf .lbs)
Quickbooks Backup file ( .qbb)
Quickbooks QBW file ( .qbw)
Quicken QDF file ( .qdf)
QuickTax file ( .q99 .q00 .q01 .q02 .q03 .q04)
SAS ASCII Data File ( .sas)
SAS Binary Data file ( .sas7bdat;sd2)
SPSS ( .sav)
TaxAct ( .ta5)
TaxCut file (2000-3) ( .t00 .t01 .t02 .t03)
TurboTax file ( .tax)

If interested for a quote, please CALL; 84856463.

*Free Ecommerce Package for Online Shop not inclusive of 2 years maintenance $4800

WordPress, Wix, Lazada platforms Only.

*WebHosting Plans Email and Domain SSL not included.

*Security Add ons like against DDOS attacks VPN not included.

*Web Design for a website including all logos and graphic design, setup and configure.

*We use and Go as our hosting providers. which is 

*For Lazada platform which you just got to pay a certain % of your products for sale, we will help you pump in up to 100 products for free but you must provide the photos and the description.

*Maintenance charges of $200 per month with 2 years payment upfront with support 24/7 365 days a year to resolve any problems. Payment of 50% deposit before we start any job and we collect the balance upon completion.

*Additional services like the setup of Funnels, Bots or Digital marketing is not included. Interested call 87796948.

*We will configure everything to make sure your shopping cart works seemlessly. (*Doesn’t include the cost of pumping in your products and pictures including photograhy or stock pictures).

Free Ecommerce Webdesign with 2 years maintenance

Free Ecommerce Webdesign with 2 years maintenance




*Free WebDesign Package not inclusive of maintenance $2400 for 2 years

WordPress and Wix platforms  and maintenance Only.

*We use free customised Webhosting design template. If you chose a design template that is not free, the costs is beared by you. If you want a special customised design not found anywhere, our team can help you but it is not free.

*WebHosting Plans Email and Domain SSL not included.

*Security Add ons like against DDOS attacks VPN not included.

*Web Design for a website including all logos and graphic design, setup and configure including 5 emails.

*We use and as our hosting providers.

*Any updates and maintenance of the website is done by our team with totally no additional charges unless there are new requirements and updates which is not included.

*Maintenance charges of $100 per month with 2 years payment upfront with support 24/7 365 days a year to resolve any problems. Payment of 50% deposit before we start any job and we collect the balance upon completion.

*Additional services like the setup of Funnels, Bots or Digital marketing is not included. Interested call 87796948.

Free Webdesign not inclusive maintenance for 2 years S$2400

Free Webdesign not inclusive maintenance for 2 years S$2400



Estimated Service Charges

Estimated Service Charges For Hardware/Software


*Format and reinstall OS(recovery) – $50

*Format and reinstall OS(from scratch) – $100

Patch Security holes – $50

Install Application Software – $25

Backup Files and Folders – From $25-$50

Recover Data – From $50-$100

Clone Harddisk – $100


Setup Filesharing – $50

Setup Port-Forwarding for running services $100

Setup and configure standard routers – $50-$100

Setup and configure standard repeaters – $50-$100

Setup and configure cisco routers – From $100/hr onwards

Setup and configure Firewall – $50-$100


Setup, install and configure OS – From $100/hr onwards

Setup, install and configure Applications – From $100/hr onwards

Backup Files and Folders – From $100/hr onwards

Recover Data – From $100/hr onwards


DB2/SQL Server/My SQL – From $100/hr onwards

*When we install the OS, we patch the OS from bugs and also install free softwares like antivirus, open office, video player drivers and make sure all programs work seamlessly, it is a very labourous job patching softwares which takes an estimated 2 hours of our time, no other vendors comes close.

Onsite Transport Charges/4 hours Express Service at 50% loading

Transport Charges
Transport charge from 9am-9pm weekdays: S$50
Transport charge from 9am-9pm Saturday/Sunday: S$50
Transport after 9pm on weekdays & Saturday/Sunday: S$75
Transport for Public Holidays: S$75
Express Service for PCs/Servers
Transport Charges (From 9am to 9pm –
Monday to Saturday):
Transport Charges (From 9pm onwards –
Everyday including Public Holidays):
– Express Service Charges with 50% loading
– 4 Hours response time onsite.
– 4 Hours turnaround for repair/problem resolution.We are open 365 days a year even on holidays but except the Chinese New Year holidays(2 days). Please call to book an onsite appointment.

Advance Payment Policy effective 01.01.2011

Advance Payment Policy for all purchases effective 01.01.2011

*We do not offer credit terms for all purchases.

Due to withdrawal of credit terms by our global suppliers, we have no choice but to implement our Advance Payment Policy for all purchases. Payment can be made by visa/mastercard via paypal via our eccomerce website or via bank transfer with the following details;

Bank Transfer via DBS

DBS Current Bank Account : 025-9-046646

Drop us a mail at or call (65)87796948 after making payment.

We regret to inform you that for changing of parts for repairs of PC/Servers, advance payment is also required.

Lowest Price Guarantee/Warranty

1)      A 90 days limited warranty for services provided. If any customers have a recurring problem of the same nature, we will not charge for services rendered.

2)      The lowest price guaranteed or we will refund you the difference, subject to proof of receipt.

3)      Manufacturers limited warranty for a period of 1 year. All our products have been tested for hardware and software compatibility issues and are the most cost effective, value for money. Customers can request for an extension of warranty up to 3 years subject to a payment of additional premium.

Thank you.


The Management