*Statement of Notice

Due to COVID-19 we want to limit our house visits and solve your problems by remote access, as 90% of all issues are software related and not hardware, please download Https://www.teamviewer.com and install in your PC, then give us your ID and password and WhatsApp to +65-87796948 without paying transport charges, and do a Fund Transfer of advance payment to DBS Current 025-9-046646 before we start our job. Any questions you can WhatsApp to +65-87796948 and we will response within 15 mins.

If I can make S$100K an hour, why should I be so desperate to make your S$100, today I have reached the Number 1 position in the entire world, creating entire technologies for the Next Generation Internet, if I want I can easily take over 100% of any Apple, Alphabet and even Microsoft, it is due to meddling I do not want to liquidate any of my technologies, I already control trillions of technologies and the entire economy of the entire world, I do not need anyone but the entire world needs me.

So if you seriously need my help, you have to wait for my service, I already control the entire world of technologies, if you do not take advantage of me neither will I take advantage of you.